Founder & CEO of Fixated Capital & Fixated Events. 650+ Houses Flipped.

Tarl Yarber is a “Recovering House Flipper” with over 600+ single family residential properties purchased, rehabbed, and re-sold over the last 10 years. He is also the CEO and Founder of Fixated Events, Fixated Capital, Fixated Funding and The Limitless Expo. 

Tarl and his team are considered experts in the investment industry and specialize in real estate systems for success. Tarl has been a guest on episode #189 and #398 for the BiggerPockets Podcast, and is one of the leading video contributors of the BiggerPockets YouTube Channel. After creating the Big Bad Ass Real Estate Wealth Expo, he later teamed up with Ken McElroy to create The Limitless Expo where they focus on real no BS education and financial freedom.  Since then he has become passionate about helping others scale their businesses to the next level. In the last few years, Tarl has been fighting his addiction of Fix and Flip, and focusing on a new passion, BRRRR investing. As a recovering house flipper, Tarl has taken his years of experience in rehabbing houses that were about to fall over and transferring that experience in mastering the buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat investment model.

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Fixated Funding LLC

Founded by Tarl Yarber, Fixated Capital connects the best LP's with the best SFR operators out there. 

Fixated Capital LLC

Fixated Funding is an asset-based lender fixated on helping real investors close more deals with less hassle, along with some of the best terms. 

Fixated Events LLC

Learn from today’s top experts in business, economics, real estate, and finance so you can move forward with confidence. All the education, none of the B.S.


Want to Join My House Flipping Support Group? 

Flippers Anonymous is the ONLY support group in the entire world dedicated to helping house flipping addicts. We are a group of dedicated and motivated investors who are putting in the work to scale and systematize our real estate businesses.

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Ken McElroy and Tarl Yarber have teamed up to create a financial freedom expo with the sole purpose of helping to change lives in today’s chaotic world so that others do not get left behind.

Ken and Tarl believe that people today, now more than ever, need to come together to help one another break free of the chaos and confusion in the economic world around them. This event is just the beginning and is the springboard to help enact change around the education of money, entrepreneurship, and finance. 

What Industry Leaders Have to Say About Tarl

Brandon Turner

"Tarl is my best friend, he is also way better at Jiu Jitsu than me."

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